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State-of-the-art and well equipped laboratory facilities in rubber and plastics testing are available with Maeon labs. See below for a detailed list of instruments used :

Tests for Rubber & Thermoplastics :

  • Durometers Shore A, Shore D, Shore O, OO,
  • Precision UTM
  • Compression Jigs
  • Low temperature chamber and devices
  • Ageing Ovens
  • Fuel / chemical ageing set up
  • Adhesion kit
  • Rotary Drum Abrader
  • De Mattia Fatigure tester
  • Vertical Rebound Resilience tester
  • Ozone chamber – static and dynamic setup
  • Electrical resistivity meter

Tests for Plastics :

  • Shore D Hardness meter
  • Rockwell Hardness meter
  • Tensile Properties (ASTM 638)
  • High precision UTM for Stress-strain characters
  • Flexural strength and Modulus test units
  • Impact energy tester
  • Density and Specific Gravity – analytical balance
  • Melt Flow Rate equipment
  • Vicat Softening temperature tester
  • HDT tester
  • Rate of Burning test kit
  • Fuel / chemical /water resistance test kit
  • Carbon Black content tester